For the Want of a Nail

Everyone has heard the childhood story about a kingdom that was lost due to the want of a single horseshoe nail.  A similar fate holds true about Lake Erie and our lawn fertilization.

When we apply fertilizer to our lawns, whether we do it ourselves or have it done, we need to ensure that excess fertilizer is not left on our driveways and sidewalks.  That is because when it rains, most of that excess is washed down the street to the nearest storm water drain.  The next stop is Lake Erie.

Once it gets washed into the lake, the phosphorous in the fertilizer directly contributes to the algae bloom we see each summer.  That algae bloom then causes oxygen "dead zones" which kill many species of fish.

So, the next time you fertilize your lawn, please check to ensure that any excess fertilizer that is on the driveway or sidewalk is swept back into the lawn.  If you have your lawn fertilized by a landscaper, please instruct them to do the same.

We don't want future generations reading a story to their children about "for the want of a clean driveway, a lake was lost."


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