Spring is Finally Here

Now that Spring has just about arrived, everyone is trying to wash all that salt and dirt off their cars. Your old car might even look a few years newer once it has its after-winter cleaning.

But, before you break out the sponge and bucket, it might be the right time to think about why washing your car in the driveway is not such a good idea. When you do, all the soap and grease, grime, salt and heavy metals from your car go down the driveway, into the street, down the storm sewer, and then straight into Lake Erie. Storm sewer runoff is not treated like sanitary sewer waste, so dirt from your car goes straight into the lake.

  1. There are several environmentally friendly alternatives to help keep your car shining:
  2. If you have a sanitary sewer drain in your garage, wash the car there. All the residue will be treated before reaching Lake Erie.
  3. Wash your car on the grass. The lawn will help catch the runoff and prevent it from reaching the storm sewer, and your grass can use the water also.
  4. Visit a commercial car wash. They recycle the wastewater so it does not get into the storm sewer system.

We all want our vehicles to look as good as possible; we also want Lake Erie to be as clean as possible. So, as Spring arrives, think about the environment when it’s time to wash the car.

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