Tankless Water Heaters: Worth the Investment?

Have you ever watched one of those home improvement shows where they installed a tankless water heater and wondered whether they really do save money?

Tankless water heaters only heat water when it is needed; they don’t waste energy keeping water hot when not needed. The units also have no limit to the amount of hot water they can provide. They are more- efficient which saves the consumer in energy costs. However, tankless water heater units are more expensive than the traditional tank water heater and can even cost up to twice as much. They are smaller however and can be placed in more convenient, out-of-the way places. They are not expected to develop sediment or rust since they don’t store water, but they do require some preventive maintenance to remove scale buildup that could reduce efficiency and affect water flow.

Brian Culliton, Avon Lake resident and owner of Copperline LLC, says that he has installed many tankless units made by Rheem and that they have performed well for their owners. When asked if he would recommend tankless units, he advised that it depends on what the consumer needs. For some people, the traditional tank units will be the best return on investment. For those who need more volume of hot water, tankless units may be a better choice despite the higher up-front costs. He recommends consumers work with an expert to review their needs and to determine what is best for their circumstances.

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