Autumn in Ohio's Amish Country

Enjoy our kick-off to autumn as we visit the beauty of Ohio’s Heartland at a wonderful time of the year to travel. We will experience the Amish way of life at Yoder’s Amish Home, where we’ll have a guided tour of the homes and barn, learning the history, customs and culture of the Amish. We’ll head to the village of CHARM for a buffet lunch at Chalet-in-the-Valley. We’ll visit Guggisberg Cheese, (originators of Baby Swiss,) Kiem Lumber and Hardware, (with unique Amish items) and the lovingly restored Baltic Mill Winery, (Ohio’s largest flour mill in the mid-1800’s) with hand-crafted wine for tasting. We have searched out new places of interest to keep our Amish trips fresh, so start your FALL enjoying Ohio’s country pride on a great one-day getaway.

Nicole Haas @ (440) 930-4118
Meet in the Bleser Park lot by the basketball courts

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