Tobacco Ban in All City Parks

On June 11, 2018, City Council passed an ordinance prohibiting the smoking or use of tobacco in all city parks. Tobacco is defined as "any lighted or unlighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, bidi, clove cigarette, electronic cigarette, and any other smoking product, and spit tobacco, also known as smokeless, dip, chew and snuff, in any form." Smoking is defined as "the combustion of tobacco, including cigarette tobacco, pipe tobacco, cigar tobacco and all other types and forms of tobacco products". Smoking materials is defined as "any cigar, cigarette, pipe, weed, plant or other smoking equipment in any form."(Codified Ordinance 667.01[c,d,e])

Parks are defined as "those areas owned or managed by the City that are used for park and/or recreational purposes, including City parks, playgrounds, beaches, fields, wildlife preserves and those public park areas which have been set aside by allotters for recreational and/or park purposes." (Codified Ordinance 1070.02[a,2])




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