Health Study

Mission Statement:

Seek out and address
The health concerns
Under the
Direction of the citizens of
Your Avon Lake

To provide a source and funding for sun screen at the Ellen Trivanovich Aquatics Center.

As a follow up to the Ohio Department of Health’s 2005 cancer incidence surveillance report for the City of Avon Lake, a mapping of the incidences of childhood leukemia in Ohio was conducted. The resulting paper was recently published in the International Journal of Health Geographics.  These analyses do not indicate statistically significant clustering of childhood leukemia in Northeast Ohio.  For further information contact:

Robert W. Indian, Chief, Chronic Disease & Behavioral Epidemiology, Ohio Department of Health (614) 644-7025; or

Terrence Tomaszewski, Health Commissioner, Lorain City Health Department (440) 204-2315.

Melanoma Prevention

Melanoma, or skin cancer, is another focus for the Environmental Affairs Advisory Board.

Skin cancer can be prevented by following simple, common sense precautions such as wearing an appropriate sunscreen, keeping skin covered when outdoors, and limiting exposure to the sun.

Children and adults should follow these precautions.

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