Public Information/Public Education (P.I.P.E.)

Mission Statement:
The mission of the PIPE Working Group of the Avon Lake Environmental Affairs Advisory Board is to assist the Public Works Director in the development, communication, and implementation of the Avon Lake Public Involvement and Public Education Program.  This initiative is designed to increase community awareness of and compliance with US EPA directives to improve the quality of storm water runoff that feeds our streams, rivers, and lakes.  The specific actions of the PIPE Working Group will be as directed by the City Engineer who has overall municipal responsibility for the PIPE program.

Do you know what happens to the stormwater that flows down the drain in front of your residence?  Do you know where the storm ditches on the side of the road lead?  The short answer is directly to the lake, without processing.

The Environmental Affairs Advisory Board, in coordination with the Public Works Director, Joseph Reitz, will begin educating City residents and businesses about the proper use of City storm drains. Stay tuned to Time Warner Channel 12, WOW Channel 21, and the City’s website for more details and an introduction to “AL” the Alligator.


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