Public Service Announcement: Residents can drop off prescription drugs and used syringes (no liquids) at the Avon Lake Police Department, open 24/7.
Avon Lake Fire Department's Lt Brian Gilles & Firefighter Joe Harder explain the car seat installation and inspection program offered at the Avon Lake Fire Department.
Public Service Announcement: Information about proper placement of trash containers.
Avon Lake Police Department School Resource Officers, Officer Hurd and Officer Walborn, share information regarding teen vaping.
Officer Descenzo from the Avon Lake Police Department explains the new ban on parking on the hydrant-side of the street.
Pltm. Rudduck from the Avon Lake Police Department, explains Avon Lake's Snow Parking Ban, and Overnight Parking Ban
Detective Sergeant Reikowski of the Avon Lake Police Department shares burglary prevention tips and discusses the importance of information sharing.
School Resource Officer Brian Hurd discusses the changes to Avon Lake's Social Hosting ordinance, and the consequences of parents hosting underage drinking parties.
Economic Development Director Ted Esborn, shares why you should shop local on November 26, 2016.
Courage to Connect CLE Sensory Super Saturday Explorations, October 8, at Beaver Creek Reservation, 913 North Lake Street, Amherst
Officer Gareau, of the Avon Lake Police Department, provides reminders for drivers for the start of the school year, including school zone speed limits, crosswalks, and bus safety.
Officer Hagedorn shares tips on preventing Thefts from cars, garages, and homes, and reminds residents to Lock-Up.
Joe Reitz, Avon Lake Director of Public Works, explains what the City is doing to improve storm water drainage and what homeowners can do to ensure they do not have flooding in their basements.
Assistant Chief Moore share Ohio fireworks law and safety tips.