Week of July 18-24, 2018


Public Access Program Schedule

    12:00 AM;   8:00 AM;   4:00 PM    Lake Shore United Methodist Church Sunday Service
      1:00 AM;   9:00 AM;   5:00 PM    St. Joseph Catholic Church Sunday Mass
      3:00 AM; 11:00 AM;   7:00 PM    Waterfront Wine Festival
      5:00 AM;   1:00 PM;   9:00 PM    The City Club of Cleveland
      6:00 AM;   2:00 PM; 10:00 PM    Kiwanis Club of Avon Lake’s 2018 Legion of Honor & Recognition
      7:00 AM;   3:00 PM; 11:00 PM    “Aging Gracefully” with Kathryn Eyring

        (The Avon Lake United Church of Christ broadcasts its service live on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM)

            This week on Public Access, The City Club of Cleveland’s “Can We Talk? Reviving Civility in Public Discourse” features a community conversation about community engagement, civil discourse, and finding common ground on pressing social and political issues.  This forum is the inaugural Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer Lecture Series event, created in collaboration with the National Institute for Civil Discourse at the University of Arizona, to provide a lasting memorial to Chief Justice Moyer’s dedication to the administration of justice and public understanding of the law.  The Kiwanis Club held its 2018 Legion of Honor & Recognition ceremony on July 5, 2018.  On “Aging Gracefully,” host Kathryn Eyring meets with guest Pat Heinke and discusses her role as a tai chi teacher and a cello player.


Government Access Program Schedule

    1:00 AM/PM;  7:00 AM/PM     Avon Lake Bicentennial-Former Mayor John Picken
    4:00 AM/PM; 10:00 AM/PM    “The Water Series” presented by Avon Lake Regional Water
    4:30 AM/PM; 10:30 AM/PM    Avon Lake Board of Municipal Utilities Recap – July 9, 2018
    5:00 AM/PM; 11:00 AM/PM    “The Road to Recovery” produced by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

            This week on Government Access, Mayor Greg Zilka talks with former Mayor John Picken who was Avon Lake's Mayor during the sesquicentennial 50 years ago.  Avon Lake Regional Water presents “Top Consumer Questions About Drinking Water.”  Informed consumers are better customers and smarter conservationists.  This program sets out to test and improve consumers’ knowledge of drinking water with timely information, humor and compelling statistics.  An informed public and customer service response team are two of a utility’s most important assets.  Avon Lake Regional Water’s Chief Utility Officer, Todd Danielson, reviews the events of the Avon Lake Board of Municipal Utilities meeting of July 9, 2018.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration presents “Justice Intervention: Bringing Services to Scale.”  This show explores what services are critical to include in justice intervention, namely: treatment and recovery efforts for people in criminal and juvenile justice systems with mental and substance use disorders; family involvement; recovery support; peer counseling by people who have successfully completed drug court; problem solving court programs; and, education and training for those returning home. Panelists discuss new programs to help people before incarceration, interventions for at-risk populations, and how to improve the juvenile justice system to ensure the provision of appropriate support.


            Avon Lake Community Television is a community-based television station. Avon Lake residents generate the Public Channel programming. If you would like to produce a program or have any questions or comments, please call 440-933-7677 or email ALCTV@AvonLake.org. As always, we hope you enjoy what you see on ALC-TV. Thanks for watching, and have a great week!


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Public Access: Spectrum Channel 1024 & W.O.W. Channel 22

Government Access: Spectrum Channel 1025 & W.O.W. Channel 21

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