Week of June July 10-16, 2019


Public Access Program Schedule

    12:00 AM;   8:00 AM;   4:00 PM    Lake Shore United Methodist Church Sunday Service
      1:00 AM;   9:00 AM;   5:00 PM    St. Joseph Catholic Church Sunday Mass
      3:00 AM; 11:00 AM;   7:00 PM    “The Jackie-O Show” with Jackie Tomco
      5:00 AM;   1:00 PM;   9:00 PM    The City Club of Cleveland
      7:00 AM;   3:00 PM; 11:00 PM    “Aging Gracefully” with Kathryn Eyring


(The Avon Lake United Church of Christ broadcasts its service live this Sunday morning at 10:00 AM.)

             This week on Public Access, host Jackie-O brings the fun of the “Bicentennial Hike Into History” to you. The City Club of Cleveland’s “The Spread of Suicide Contagion and Possible Ways to Contain It” features Madelyn S. Gould, Ph.D., M.P.H., Irving Philips Professor of Epidemiology, Columbia University Medical Center. Dr. Gould is one of the country’s leading experts in suicide prevention and causes, and her research has informed most of the modern thinking about suicide, including the concept of "suicide contagion" — how seeing media coverage of a suicide can trigger a suicidal person into action. Is the rise of suicide contagions responsible for the steady increase in suicides in the U.S.? Can these suicide contagions be contained? If so, how? And, how can we prevent suicide in young people where it remains one of the leading causes of death? Dr. Gould answers these questions and more. Host Kathryn Eyring sits down with Damion Fontaine and Scott Brotherton to discuss “Rat Pack and More” on “Aging Gracefully.”


Government Access Program Schedule

    1:00 AM/PM;   7:00 AM/PM    Avon Lake City Council Meeting – July 8, 2019
    4:00 AM/PM; 10:00 AM/PM    Avon Lake Board of Municipal Utilities Recap – July 2, 2019

             This week on Government Access, Avon Lake Regional Water’s Chief Utility Officer, Todd Danielson, reviews the events of the Avon Lake Board of Municipal Utilities meeting of July 2, 2019.



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