Avon Lake Community Television Rules and Regulations

1. The use of Avon Lake Community Television’s Public Access facility and its equipment is available to all Avon Lake citizens (18 years and older), groups, organizations, clubs and enterprises to produce noncommercial, informational programming for viewing of the general public. Television opportunities for those under 18 years of age are available with the responsible direction of a parent or guardian.
2. All community producers must bring in a copy of their driver’s license or state ID for ALC-TV to keep on file.
3. Before using the public access designated facilities and specified equipment, all community producers and ALC-TV volunteers must complete the required remote, studio, and editing training sessions, and show competency in the handling and operation of all equipment.
4. Studio equipment use is designated by a first come, first serve basis. An “Equipment Use” form must be completed by the community producer, and must be signed out and checked in by staff.
5. Community producers using the access equipment may identify themselves as “community producers,” but not as staff members or representatives of ALC-TV in any manner.
6. All community producers are responsible for the repair or replacement of any equipment that is damaged or lost due to negligence. Producers are also responsible for any injuries to themselves and their crewmembers when on an out-of-studio shoot.
7. The producer of each ALC-TV produced program must complete the “ALC-TV Community Producer Agreement” and thereafter complete a “Playback Application” for each program aired. Community producers agree to indemnify and hold harmless Avon Lake Community Television, its directors and employees from liability or legal fees and expenses incurred as a result of the production and airing of all programs.
8. Programs submitted for playback should clearly identify the person or organization submitting the program at the end of each program.
9. All programming produced for Avon Lake Community Television must conform to all current FCC rules and regulations.
10. All Avon Lake produced programming submitted will be reviewed by staff and will be aired one or more times on the appropriate channel.
11. Nonresidents requesting the airing of a program on the Public Access Channel that was not produced using ALC-TV staff, equipment, or facilities must have an Avon Lake sponsor and the program will be aired only once.
12. ALC-TV cannot guarantee program airdates, time slots, or airing frequency for any program or community producer. These criteria will be determined solely by ALC-TV. A program needs to be scheduled through the ALC-TV staff a minimum of two weeks prior to airdate for publishing of the weekly program schedule.
13. ALC-TV reserves the right to run disclaimers before programming informing viewers of content.
14. ALC-TV reserves the right to not rerun a show for up to 6 months after original airing.
15. ALC-TV accepts no responsibility for media or program material. We take precautions, but cannot accept responsibility for lost, erased or damaged media.
16. A staff member must be on site when the general public is using the public access studio and facilities. 17. All playback and bulletin board equipment is to be operated by staff only.
18. Copies of programs can be provided for a dubbing fee.

Copywriting and Ownership
19. Producers maintain ownership of the content of the programming they produce.
20. ALC-TV has the right to retain copies of any programming aired on the access stations. Shows may not be re-aired without producer’s permission.
21. The public/viewers may purchase copies of any and all tapes of community producers that are aired on ALC-TV with the funds going solely to ALC-TV.
22. All copyright laws regarding subject matter, trademarks, logos, and music must be strictly observed. Any copyright releases must be in writing from the holder and in possession of ALC-TV. Community producers assume full responsibility for any disputes arising from any unauthorized use of copywritten materials.
23. All Government, school and community meetings, events, concerts, etc. are considered public, therefore, all persons in attendance can be taped and broadcast on ALC-TV.

Censorship / Screening
24. Community producers are required to alert ALC-TV staff to programming that may be inappropriate for younger viewers.
25. ALC-TV staff is not qualified or authorized to advise community producers on the legality of material.

Underwriting /Program Sponsorship
26. Community producers may seek monetary and non-monetary sponsorship to help defray production costs.
27. Producers must follow strict underwriting and sponsorship guidelines as outlined in the “underwriting guidelines” form.
28. Underwriting must be limited to direct costs associated with the production.
29. Sponsorship proposals must be submitted to ALC-TV in advance.
30. ALC-TV reserves the right to approve or disapprove of funding proposals.
31. Underwriting credits may appear before and after the program and include the sponsor’s name, address, phone number, e-mail and web page.
32. Producers must solicit sponsorship as individuals and not use ALC-TV or the City of Avon Lake as a partner.
33. ALC-TV accepts no liability for disputes between community producers and underwriters/sponsors.

Financial Gain
34. The equipment ALC-TV makes available to residents of Avon Lake is intended to be used to produce shows for air on the Public Access Station. This equipment can also be used by Avon Lake residents for projects that will not be aired. However, ALC-TV’s equipment is not intended to be used to produce materials for sale or profit.

Political Programming
35. Political speech is encouraged providing producers and guests abide by all rules and regulations.
36. Political programming will be subject to all channel space rules.

Public Bulletin Board
37. The Public Access Channel bulletin board is for Avon Lake community event/public service announcements only. These must be submitted two weeks prior to airing in a “who, what, when, where, and how” format including a contact phone number. Message will not necessarily be composed for air verbatim.

Government Access Channel
38. Information pertaining to Avon Lake government activities, events, issues, legislation and meetings will be aired on the Government Access Channel. The primary objectives are: – To provide governmental information to the citizens of Avon Lake. – To increase awareness of the activities and deliberations of the legislative and other governmental bodies. – To increase the citizens’ awareness of governmental functions.

Programming aired on the Government Access Channel must originate from a federal, state, county or local governmental entity.

Issues before the voters and candidates for elected office shall not be included in ALC-TV programming during the time period fourteen (14) days before an election on Government Access.

The ALC-TV Manager shall decide if equal time for opposing candidates is necessary when evaluating the coverage of incumbent candidate’s performance of official duties with the exception of official government meetings, regularly scheduled government programs and “Candidates Night”.

For copyright information: Library of Congress, Copyright Office 101 Independence Ave. S. E., Washington D.C. 20559; or www.loc.gov/copyright ; or (202)707-3000.


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