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Mayor’s Column for August 12, 2015

Thanks to the residents who live in the west end of town who have endured the dust and mud and rutted roads as the sewer separation project is nearing completion. Avon Lake Regional Water has done a fine job managing the project and communicating with the residents as they separate our sewers which will lead to better drainage and a cleaner lake. The project will end with the appropriate grading and landscaping of the tree lawns just in time for the cooler September days which is ideal for lawn seeding.

We hope you were able to attend the Lake Erie WaterFest which was held on August 8th at Miller Road Park. The sand sculpture is always my favorite part of the event. Avon Lake Regional Water has been a good steward of our greatest asset, Lake Erie. Their mission is to help us appreciate the benefits of living on the Erie shore and working to ensure that our children can enjoy what some have taken for granted. A healthy lake is in everyone’s best interest and is something that we need to continuously work on to accomplish. Elana West has worked tirelessly to make this a fun and educational event for all.

The Summer Market was a huge success. A record crowd attended the two day event. Many thanks go out to organizers Erin Stack and Kristin Weeden for attracting thousands of people to Veterans Memorial Park to enjoy a memorable weekend. Many of those attending were from outside the community and the comments were very favorable. Several of the restaurants in town noticed an increase in business over the weekend, which is always a good thing.

Love-a- Stray is holding its 10th annual “Big Splash” Dog Swim Party at the Ellen Trivanovich Aquatic Center on September 12th. If you are a dog lover, this is a special event as hundreds of dogs and their owners gather at the city pool to splash and howl for a good cause. Imagine some of the most entertaining posts on Facebook featuring your favorite breed of dog. Proceeds will go toward finding a good home for homeless dogs looking for people who appreciate the loyalty and companionship that they can provide. Woof, woof!

On September 26th the Youth Fishing Derby will take place at the Ellen Trivanovich Aquatic Center. It is an excellent way to introduce your child or grandchild to the joys of fishing, and you get to take home what you catch! Please visit our website www. for more details on this or the many other activities the city has throughout the year.

We hope that you continue to enjoy the pleasant weather after a cold winter and a rainy spring. Summer arrived late, but let’s live for the moment and enjoy the hot days and mild nights. Take advantage of the city pool and the pleasant breezes off of Lake Erie while you can. We received our first inquiry about when trick or treat is scheduled for this year. A true sign that the summer is waning. By the way, trick or treat is scheduled for Saturday, October 31st.

The Parks & Recreation Department will once again work in cooperation with the Avon Lake Public Library and the Lorain County Metro Parks to present a spooky Halloween event on October 17th. If you are brave enough to walk the Metro Park Trail in the dark of night, this event is for you. Enjoy!


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