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Mayor’s Column for July 8, 2015

The City of Avon Lake has experienced heavy rains on late Monday June 22 and early Tuesday June 23 morning that caused widespread flooding in a number of neighborhoods. Another rain storm rolled through the city on Saturday morning June 27 causing additional flooding in several areas. We have already begun inspecting the storm sewer system using a camera to assure that there are no blockages in the system. This will take about a week or more to accomplish this and do an analysis. Avon Lake Regional Water is also reviewing all problems with the sanitary system and will analyze what they find.

We know that having water in one’s basement is a very unsettling experience. Whether it is half an inch or one foot, damage is done to finished basements and also personal items. Some of those items are irreplaceable and the loss can be profound. We fully understand your frustration.

Keep in mind that the problem with heavy rains and water damage is not unique to Avon Lake. Bay Village and Rocky River and other northern Ohio communities experienced similar problems over the past week as a series of storm fronts have rolled through the Midwest and onto the East Coast. This weather pattern seems to be more common and it is very different from historical records of rainfall in the past several decades.

If you experience water in your basement please call Avon Lake Regional Water at 933-6226 at any time of the day. This 24 hour service will bring trained workers to your home to assess your situation. If it is a failure in the system they will take action or advise you if it is a problem on your property. Keep in mind that we are not allowed to make repairs on private property.

We have had a number of calls of water ponding in backyards as many properties are serviced by a common drain near property lines or have no yard drains at all.   Rear yard drains are the responsibility of the property owner to install and maintain. A regular visual inspection by property owners and the removal of leaves and twigs go a long way to encourage proper drainage. Our public works department is available to come out and assess your rear drain situation and to offer advice on the maintenance to assure better drainage.

We must point out that by raking leaves in the street in the fall months can add to the inefficient drainage of storm water. Leaves and branches can get caught in a pipe and greatly restrict water flow causing problems in the months ahead. Cleaning the storm drain in your street when debris forms in the gutter would be an easy way to help your neighbors and yourself.

If you wish to personally express your concerns about storm water issues you are encouraged to attend a sewer committee meeting that will be held on Thursday July 9th at 6:30 pm in City Hall Council Chambers. Residents will be allowed to provide input at the end of the meeting.


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