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Automated Rubbish & Recycling Program

Republic Services has provided blue refuse carts and green recycling carts to each home in Avon Lake. Containers remain the property of Republic Services and should not be removed from the residence. (For more information please contact the Republic Services Customer Service Department at (440) 458-5191 or (800) 433-1309, office hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.)

Day of Collection

Recycling and rubbish materials will be picked up on Monday each week EXCEPT when a holiday falls on the regular pick-up day. If this occurs, then recycling and rubbish materials will be collected on Tuesday.

Bulk pick-up day will be the first Monday of every month EXCEPT when a holiday falls on or before the regular bulk pickup day; if this occurs, then bulk pick-up day will be on Tuesday.

Holidays That Affect Collections:  

New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day

Time of Collection

To ensure your rubbish and recycling is collected, please place your rubbish and recycling containers at curb by 6:00 AM.  Carts may be placed out on the tree lawn after 5:00 PM the day before pick-up and must be removed by 7:00 AM the morning after pick-up. 

Container Placement

Place containers within three feet of the curb and three feet apart, with the arrows facing the street. Do not place carts near mailboxes or other fixed objects.

During the winter months, please place trash and recycle cans on the tree lawn or in your driveway only. In the event of snow, cans placed in the street create a problem for city snow plows.

Trash Cart

Permitted Refuse in Blue Carts

• Food waste - drained, wrapped and placed in a plastic bag

• Sharp items, broken glass, syringes, etc. - place in puncture-proof container prior to placing in cart

Not Permitted at the Curb

• Large car parts, tires, batteries, etc.

• Liquids

Lorain County Solid Waste Management District makes arrangements for collection of many items not picked up by Republic Services such as car tires off the rims, paint, etc. If you need to dispose of these materials please contact Lorain County Collection Center at 440-329-5440. The facility is located at 540 South Abbe Road, Elyria, Ohio 44035. Open Center hours: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM Monday and Wednesday, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM on Saturdays. Lorain County Collection Center website.

NOTE: Contractors are responsible for removal of building materials and debris.

Items That Will be Picked Up on Bulk Pick-up Days Only

• Household furniture, carpeting, tied and rolled into 4' lengths etc.

• Tables, swing sets, and television sets, etc.

• Refrigerators, freezers - DOORS REMOVED, FREON REMOVED*

• Window AC units and dehumidifiers - FREON REMOVED*

• Washers and dryers

* Appliances that contain freon require a special pick-up.  Please contact Republic Services in advance to schedule a special pick-up within 24 hours.

NOTE: Bulk collection does not include extra bags or cans of miscellaneous trash.

Option for Occasional Excess Trash

A solution for occasional excess trash is to buy Republic Services bags. Republic sells these bags at the Avon Lake Drug Mart. The purchase price of these bags pays for the extra volume of trash that is being disposed of. These special bags are blue and have the Republic Service logo on them. They will be picked up on the 2nd Monday of the month, bulk day.



Recycle cart

Republic Services has provided a green 65-gallon cart to every household for all your recyclable materials, which include:

Place all items loose in recycling cart. Do not use blue recycle bags. Yard waste of any kind is not to be placed in the recycling cart.

NOTE: Please do not jam items into cart or overload container.

Items Excluded from Recycling Collections 

Window glass, light bulbs, drinking glasses, mirrors or ceramics and empty plastic containers that had contained motor oil, antifreeze, pesticides and herbicides, aluminum foil or pie tins, etc., styrofoam, scrap metal, batteries, chains, car parts, pots & pans, knives, etc. Place above items and empty containers in trash container.


For questions regarding your recycling service, please call Republic Services at (800) 433-1309.

Click here for a complete list of acceptable/unacceptable recyclable items.



Separate yard waste collection will take place between April through November on your regular pick-up day weather permitting. Christmas trees will be collected the first and second full weeks of January.

Yard Waste BagsGRASS CLIPPINGS AND OTHER YARD WASTE FOR COMPOSTING:  All grass clippings and other yard waste should be placed in brown paper yard waste bags not to exceed 50 lbs. Grass clippings and yard waste may also be placed loose in 32-gallon plastic containers marked yard waste. 

Please do not put yard waste out in plastic bags or place yard waste in the recycling container. 

BRUSH AND SMALL TREE TRIMMINGS: Must be cut, bundled and securely tied not exceeding four feet in length or 50 lbs.

NOTE: Landscapers and tree services are responsible for removal of any yard waste they generate while working at a residence. The City brush crew will pick-up brush piles as they work their way through the city. Pick-up may take several days. 

For more information please contact the Republic Services Customer Service Department at (440) 458-5191 or (800) 433-1309, office hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Republic Services website.



Since CFLs contain a very small amount of mercury, they should not be disposed of in your usual trash bin. The following stores will properly dispose of CFLs:

Avon Lowe's, 1445 Center Rd, Avon, OH 44011 (440) 937-3500

Avon Home Depot, 35930 Detroit Rd, Avon, OH 44011 (440) 937-2240

For more information, please visit Avon Lake's Environmental Affairs Advisory Board page, by clicking HERE.


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