Ward Meeting Questions & Answers: Building

Why does it take so long to get a permit from the building department?

Any permit application has to get sent inter-office to the zoning department and wait for a zoning approval before we can write a building permit. The plans are then looked at and reviewed here in the building department and then a permit is written and mailed. All of this can take time especially based on time of year, and the best option for a contractor is to tell a customer that they have submitted a permit application to the building department and that once they get the permit they will call the customer to set up a time and date to start the work. This way no one is upset and everyone knows what is going on. If there are extenuating circumstances to any job or schedule the contractor only has to call the building department and talk to an inspector and explain what the issue is and ask for relief and we will do or best to help them. This does happen periodically throughout each year and we are very user friendly and work with contractors and/or residents to help get the job done as long as we are informed and approve these issues so no City ordinances are violated. It also should be known that the State of Ohio Residential and Commercial codes give all building departments in the State up to 30 days to conduct a plan review and respond to an applicant. Here in Avon Lake we turn over plan reviews and permits within a couple of days to couple weeks depending on the information and plans provided us and how long zoning review takes. Most simple plans and jobs only take a few days to a week.


To contact the Building Department, please call 440-930-4102 or email TCarleton@AvonLake.org

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