Ward Meeting Questions & Answers: Fire

1) Is there a public safety ordinance for smoke detectors, specifically in rental units?

There is no state or local law that requires smoke detectors. Smoke detectors are vital to the safety of occupants and it is highly recommended that all residents have smoke detectors. It is for this reason that we are looking into enacting a city ordinance requiring landlords of rental properties to provide smoke detectors.

2) How can residents get a lock box?

Lock Box registration forms can be obtained at the Old Firehouse community center at the corner of Lake Rd. and Avon Beldon Rd. Residents wishing to purchase a lock box should fill out the required form and submit payment at the Old Firehouse. The ordered lock box will come into the fire department and someone from the Avon Lake Fire Department will contact the resident to schedule an appointment to install the box and provide access for keys. Cost currently is $30 payable by check or money order.


To contact the Fire Department, please call 440-933-8305 or email CHuerner@AvonLakeFire.org

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