Ward Meeting Questions & Answers: Police

1) What can be done to address the speeding?

The safe and efficient movement of traffic is always a concern of the police department. We continuously work to ensure that the traffic is moving at a safe speed. We do this through the enforcement and most importantly educating the drivers. Most of the complaints we receive regrading speeding complaints come from within residential areas. We find that the violators are usually residents that live within that area. Thus, we always want to remind and educate the residents to monitor their speeds as they travel through these areas.


2) Is there a Narcan program in Lorain County?

Yes, Project Dawn. In Avon Lake all of our police officers carry Narcan. Also, our Fire Department responds to calls with paramedics that also administer Narcan.


3) What is the process for installing traffic control measures (including stop signs) on Parkside/Bridgeside/Woodbrige?

The Police Department will be working with the planning/engineering department and the developer to install the proper traffic controls.


4) How many officers are on the police force?

Currently there are 30 Full-time Police Officers and 8 Part-time officers on the force.


5) Is there a D.A.R.E. program in Avon Lake?

We do not have a DARE program, although we do have a dedicated officer that is assigned as a school resource officer.


6) Why are landscapers allowed to park on the bike path?

Parking is not permitted on the bike path. We are currently working with the landscaping companies to address this. We will be strictly enforcing this in the future and would welcome any calls (440-933-4567) at the time someone views a violation.


7) What can be done about automobiles not stopping for pedestrians in the crosswalk?

We have been working diligently to educate the motoring public and the pedestrians alike on the proper use of crosswalks and the laws regarding them. Click Here to watch a video about Crosswalk Awareness.


To contact the Avon Lake Police Department, please call 440-933-4567 or email DStreator@AvonLakePolice.org

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