Ward Meeting Questions & Answers: Public Works

1) Is there any plan on widening Lear Rd. from the railroad tracks to Walker Rd.?

There is no plan to widen Lear Road in Avon Lake.  We will revisit the situation at such time as Avon installs the center left turn lane up to the railroad.

2) Are there plans to actuate left turn signals at the Lear Rd. & Walker Rd. intersection?

We are monitoring the conditions with the Police Department. When warranted we will activate the left turn sequence.

3) What is the length of the left turn lane from Krebs Rd. onto Lear Rd.?

The left turn lanes on Krebs Road is approximately 500 feet long.

4) Concern about density, traffic, flooding, and the ability of the sewer system to handle the additional water when the Holly Hills property is developed.

Aspects of the new subdivision at Holly Hill are being discussed. The overall density of the development is within the parameters of 2.5 units per acre. This is the same standard that all single family development follow. Sewer capacity and analysis will be studied more closely with improvement plan review.

5) Concerned about the increased traffic if the road connecting Parkside to the proposed Holly Hills subdivisions is built. Can the road be limited to emergency vehicles only? Don't residents of Parkside get some consideration on the creation of a shortcut through their subdivision to Krebs Rd.?

The Mayor, Police Chief and myself have had conversations with the residents on Parkside Drive.  The road must connect as a public street for be benefit of all neighboring subdivisions.  

6) Are sidewalks part of the Lear/Krebs intersection project? Is it something that will be addressed when the new subdivisions are built?

Sidewalks are not being installed on Lear or Krebs as part of this project. Sidewalks are assessable to the neighboring properties and at this time are not being pursued. At such time as the new church goes in on Krebs Road sidewalks will be required.

7) There are rumors Kopf Reservation has been closing at 4:30 for deer culling. How long will this continue?

Working with the Department of Agriculture, Avon Lake Police and MetroParks the park a portion of the park has closed early during culling operations. So far this season it has only closed early four times.

8) There is a raccoon problem on the north end of Jamestown Parkway due to open grates on the storm drains. Can the city change them so they are closed?

The Public Works Department will investigate further and possibly replace the castings.

9) Why can't safety vehicles use the walking path in Walker Road Park to access Hunt Club?

The path was not designed for the width and weight of emergency vehicles or vehicle turning radius requirements for fire department vehicles.

10) Why is there a LED crosswalk sign on Rt. 83 and Redwood?

This is one of two test areas where the LED Crosswalk signals are installed in the fall of 2016. This location was chosen due to the number of children crossing for Redwood School and the High School.

11) Is the contractor working on the Rt. 83 paving going to be held accountable for the project to be completed correctly?

According to ODOT, who is overseeing the project, they will hold the contractor responsible for full completion of the project.

12) When is the staging area next to the safety center going to be removed?

This staging area has been used for several projects. The site will be restored once the Fairfield-Inwood project is complete in 2018.

13) Who do I contact about a dead or unhealthy tree that could damage power lines?

We can contact the Illuminating Company but the trees are owned by the property owners, not the power company. Per the property maintenance code, the City can force the property owner to remove dead trees.

14) Who is responsible for clearing the sidewalks in front of the vacant lots on Walker Rd. near Walker Road Park?

Sidewalk maintenance, including clearing, is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner.

15) Would it be possible to have a short leaf pickup time in the Spring?

Yard waste collection starts in April each year and this past season the City still picked up yard waste bags through the first week of March.

16) What can be done about downed cables dangling from poles around the city?

We do not control the utilities but have contacts for them. Please call us at 440-930-4126 with addresses.

17) What can be done to keep cars from driving into yards on streets without curbs (Forest Hill)?

There is little we can do without knowing the driver.

18) What is the construction schedule for the Krebs/Lear traffic light?

Will be finished by Labor Day.

19) Will there be any road closures? if so, for how long?

During construction the road will be down to one lane at certain times.  The road will not be fully closed.

20) Is there an online plan for road configuration?

None online but we can send anyone copies upon request.

21)Can a left turn lane be painted from Rt. 83 onto Redwood when the Rt. 83 paving is complete?

Yes. The markings right now are temporary. Final markings will be done in the spring.

22)Concerned the sign at Lake Road and Woodstock 'Drive' is incorrect.

Woodstock Avenue is how the street was dedicated and recorded at the County. Your deed states the property is Avenue but your mailing address for some reason says Drive. The signs are correct.

23)Why were a large number of trees cut down on Moore Road, south of Walker?

The property owner is doing drainage improvements for the property. So far we have seen no improvement plans for the site.


To contact the Public Works Department, please call 440-930-4101 or email JRReitz@AvonLake.org

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