Ward Meeting Questions & Answers: Zoning

1) Why are so many boats, trailers, campers, jet skis etc. being stored in driveways and front yards?

The Exterior Maintenance Code permits recreational vehicular equipment that is 31 feet or less in length to be stored on the driveway, in the garage, or anywhere in the rear yard.  The Exterior Maintenance Code is complaint driven and is enforced only when there is a resident complaint lodged with the Zoning Administrator.

Code Section 1490.07 (8) Vehicular recreational equipment parking. There will be no parking of vehicular recreational equipment in front or side yards, unless it is parked on the driveway or in the garage. Vehicular recreational equipment may be parked in the rear yard. This includes boats, trailers, campers, etc.

Code Section 1490.03 (37) "Vehicular recreational equipment" means all campers, travel trailers, mobile or motor homes, converted buses, boats, trailers, whether for the transportation of portable tents, boats or other equipment or materials, and stock cars, none of which may exceed thirty-one feet in length.

2) Why are so many sheds and other structures appearing without obtaining building permits?

Structures such as this are required to have a zoning permit, and it is a violation of the code to not obtain a zoning permit prior to commencing the work. We do try to notice all installations, but some we can't see or are missed. Residents are encouraged to advise the Zoning Administrator of work being done without a permit, and are welcome to call to see if the appropriate permits have been issued. The City does not require public posting of the permit.


To contact the Zoning Department, please call 440-930-4143 or email RBooher@AvonLake.org

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