Monthly Tips

The Commission encourages all property owners to protect and grow healthy trees and shrubs to provide long-lasting benefits to all of Avon Lake’s residents and visitors. Articles appear monthly on Avon Lake’s Environmental Tips and the Senior Newsletter as well as quarterly in the city’s newsletter. Topics include tree planting and care, Arbor Day, Urban Forestry, and even some tree history. We will learn or be reminded of the benefits trees provide for us. For example, trees combat pollution by removing particulate pollutants (e.g., dust). Trees also reduce our summer energy bills by providing shade. The cool thing (pun intended) is that whether the trees are on your property, your neighbor’s property or on public property, they are doing good things for everyone! Trees are an amazing resource that we need to care for so that we can all continue to enjoy their benefits.

Benefits of Mulching Around Your Trees

Proper Tree Planting