Snow Plowing

Snow is a way of life in northeast Ohio; that’s why Avon Lake has a thorough plan in place for clearing snow for all 96 miles of roads within our city limits. Here’s what you can expect:

  • During a snowstorm, a five-truck route is in effect.
  • During a heavy storm there are two trucks per route operating (10 total).
  • If the Police or Fire Departments need assistance in an emergency, the snow plows will be diverted to clear the way.
  • Side streets will not be serviced until all major roads are clear and heavy winds often necessitate repeated plowing of the major roads.
  • Cul-de-sacs take longer to plow (the City has 90 cul-de-sacs) thus falling lower in the priority list.
  • The trucks will plow their given route in the reverse direction when the next snowfall occurs.

Did you know? City ordinance prohibits snow blowing snow from driveways into public streets or plowing snow across a public street.

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