Mobile Food Unit Registration

Steps to Obtain a Mobile Food Unit Permit / Registration

Mobile food unit operators (food truck or food cart) must register with the City to conduct business at special events or private parties. Below are the details to register and obtain a permit. For additional questions call 440-933-8305.

1. Fill-out the Mobile Food Unit Permit/Registration – PDF. Copies are also available at City Hall at the Finance Department desk. Once completed the form should be brought to City Hall, 150 Avon Belden Road, Avon Lake.
2. Bring the following original documents to City Hall for copying. These are required to complete the application: 1) certificate of insurance evidencing commercial liability coverage in the minimum amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000); 2) mobile food operator’s license; 3) certification of gas testing (if propane use applies); and 4) vendor’s permit (if selling any taxable items such as sport drinks, soda or sweetened water). If there is more than one unit or truck involved, each original license must be presented.  
3. Pay $25 for the first unit (vehicle) and $5 for each additional unit when submitting the documentation at City Hall. Payment may be made by check or cash.
5. A copy of the completed application (after Mayor’s signature) will be mailed to the permit holder and recorded with the Fire Department to refer to when performing inspections.
4. The Mobile Food Unit Permit expires at 11:59 p.m. on December 31 of the year of issuance.

Here is the Code passed by Council on 7-8-2019, Chapter 856, Regulation of Mobile Food Vehicles – PDF

The permit holder must notify the Avon Lake Fire Department in writing one week in advance of all times and locations within the City at which food or beverage will be dispensed from the mobile food unit. To do so send an email to