Environmental Tips

Proper Draining of Pools/Hot Tubs

Water from swimming pools and hot tubs often contain high levels of chlorine. Discharging this water into yards, streams, drainage ways, ponds, etc., is harmful to fish and other aquatic life.

Chlorinated water from pools and hot tubs may be disposed of on the ground or irrigated on your property under the following circumstances:

  • Prior to disposing or irrigating the water, either shut off the chlorination system or stop adding chlorine, depending on your situation.
  • Hold the water in the pool or hot tub for at least two days to allow the chlorine to dissipate. Up to two full weeks may be necessary for the complete dissipation of the chlorine.
  • The pH (measure of acidity) of the dechlorinated water must be at least 6.5, but not greater than 8.5. The pH must be measured with a standard swimming pool water pH test kit.
  • Discharge or irrigate the water in an area where the water will not flow into a stream, drainageway or storm sewer.
  • Discharge or irrigate the water on your property and ensure that it does not flow off of your property.
  • Discharge or irrigate the water in a manner that will prevent nuisance conditions (such as creation of odors, and fly and mosquito breeding conditions). Nuisance conditions often occur when water is ponded for a prolonged period.