Street Tree Planting

Did you know that Avon Lake has a commission dedicated to helping you add more greenery to our streets and neighborhoods? The Citizen Tree Commission works with local utilities and others to stake appropriate planting areas for residents. We also provide a list of recommended trees and clearance distances for the planting sites.

Planting a Street Tree?

The Tree Commission offers Avon Lake residents a no-fee informational street tree planting permit. This includes the Call Before You Dig phone number for public utilities locations, a list of recommended trees to plant and clearance distances for the planting site. You can download your Street Tree Planning Permit – PDF.

Recommended Trees

Here is a guide to the most appropriate species for parkways in urban situations. There is no single perfect tree; the most successful course is to match the planting site limitations with the right tree for that spot. Each site must be evaluated and possible restrictions of tree species noted. These restrictions include rooting space, soil texture, soil pH, drainage, exposure, overhead wires and surrounding building surfaces. Street Tree Planting Recommendations – PDF