About the Avon Lake Law Department

The Avon Lake Law Department looks out for the best interests of our citizens, helping to uphold the laws of our city, serving as legal counsel for city matters and contracts, and prosecuting and defending all complaints, suits and controversies related to city matters. The Director of Law is considered the chief law officer of our municipality, and is appointed by the Mayor and approved by members of City Council.

Department duties include:

Writing and reviewing all contracts related to City business.
Serving as legal counsel for the various officers and heads of the City.

Meet the Team

Gary Ebert
Law Director
Mr. Ebert received his undergraduate degree in Education from Ashland College. Three years later he received his law degree from J.D., Cleveland State University. Not only is he the Law Director for the City of Avon Lake, he also is the Co-Managing Partner at Seeley Savidge Ebert & Gourash in Westlake, Ohio.

David M. Graves
Assistant Law Director
Mr. Graves received his undergraduate degree from Bowling Green State University. He received his law degree from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cleveland, Ohio.

A. Steven Dever
Mr. Dever received his law degree from Cleveland Marshall School of Law at Cleveland Statue University.