Leaf Pickup

Curbside leaf collection is provided by the City in the fall only. In the fall, the Public Works Department picks up leaves curbside through December, weather permitting.

Please note: The City will not pick up yard waste generated by professional tree contractors and landscapers.

To take advantage of this service:

  • Leaves should be placed on the tree lawn area, not in the street or sidewalks.
  • Remember to keep catch basins clear of debris to reduce flooding during heavy rains.
  • Leaf piles should only contain leaves.
  • Leaves and branches should be separated as they are collected with different equipment and branch are harmful to the leaf equipment
  • Branch pickup is not a regular service during leaf and snow seasons because the equipment shares the same trucks as the branch chipper. Kimble will pick up brush and small tree trimmings year-round. They must be cut to less than 6 inches in diameter, no more than 4 feet in length, bundled and securely tied, and less than 50 pounds. Smaller branches can be put in personal containers that are 33 gallons or less. The bundled brush and branches or containers can then be placed at the curb with refuse carts..
  • Please refrain from putting leaves in islands of cul-de-sacs as it is very difficult for our large trucks to maneuver around the area.
  • City crews follow a route through the city and there is no specific day for pickup.
  • Depending on the amount of leaves to be collected, it can take the crews as long as two to three weeks to complete a full route, however, it has taken up to six weeks in previous years.
  • Once the leaf truck has been by your house, our trucks cannot turn back around, our crews must continue on their routes to ensure timely pickup for all.  Crew will be back around once they have been through the entire city.
  • Kimble will ALSO be picking leaves up simultaneously:
    • March through December, leaves can be put in paper refuse bags or personal containers that are 33 gallons or less.
    • Personal containers should be labeled "yard waste" and placed at curbside on the regularly scheduled day for garbage pickup by Kimble Recycling & Disposal, Inc.
    • Kimble is now offering free 96-gallon yard waste cart, which includes a $0.78 quarterly credit on your bill. Contact Kimble Customer Service at 1-800-201-0005 to claim your FREE cart. This option also saves on yard waste bags, a potential saving of $175 annually.

Protect Our Lake

According to Ohio Department of Natural Resources, fallen leaves provide excellent habitat for wildlife, but they can also be a significant source of phosphorus in urban stormwater. When large piles of raked leaves are too close to streets, the excess nutrients play a part in fueling the algal blooms in Lake Erie. Help us keep algal blooms out of Lake Erie by keeping leaf piles away from storm drains. You can also mulch your leaves to add a boost of nutrients to your lawn, use the leaves to jump start a compost pile for your garden in spring or just “leaf” them be as habitat!

It is important to not dispose of leaves and debris into our creeks, ditches, and retention basins. This causes an excess of debris flowing into Lake Erie. It can also backup in the creeks, causing flooding in our neighborhoods.


Questions? Contact Us: 440-930-4126