Open Burn Safety

Enjoying cool evenings in front of a campfire or fire pit is a relaxing past time if you follow these safety rules.

Open Burning Regulations

Fire Pits

  • Should be contained in structures approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or a comparable testing agency such as CUL (Canada) or CE (Europe)
  • Should be a minimum of 15’ from any structure

Fire Circles or Campfires

  • A maximum 3’ in diameter and 2’ in height (with all combustibles removed)
  • Contained with appropriate bricks, stones, or metal rings designed to contain fire and embers
  • Should be a minimum of 25’ from any structure


  • Not allowed within 50’ of any structure

Only dry, clean, and seasoned fire wood is to be used as fuel for outdoor fires. Burning of dry leaves, lawn debris, paper/cardboard, plywood/OSB, lumber or other construction material is prohibited

There should be a responsible person in attendance at all times that fire/embers exist, as well as an appropriate method to extinguish the fire quickly in an emergency situation.

The State Fire Marshall as well as the Local Fire Marshall has the authority to place a ban on all open burning, recreational fires, and use of outdoor fireplaces based upon atmospheric, drought, or other environmental conditions that would make a ban necessary. Please ensure a ban is not in effect prior to making the decision to burn.