Environmental Affairs

From looking out for the health and welfare of our citizens to implementing recycling programs – the Environmental Affairs Advisory Board oversees many critical areas of our community.

Subcommittees within the Advisory Board consist of:

Board Members

Citizen Members

  • Sam Naumann, Chair
  • Jen Miller, Vice Chair
  • Rita George
  • Kayla Goodwin
  • Marty Patton
  • Rob Shahmir
  • Terry Robison
  • Terry Wyrock

Meeting Times & Locations

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month except for the months of July and August. They are at 6:30 p.m. in the Lake House, 32756 Lake Road.

Agendas and Minutes

Specific Board Responsibilities:

According to Chapter 274 of the Avon Lake Codified Ordinances, the purposes of the Environmental Affairs Advisory Board shall include the following:

(a) To study and advise courses of action which the Environmental Committee of Council may take to formulate and promote general and broad codes of land, air and water pollution control for the City; and

(b) To study and investigate other environmentally related concerns and issues of importance to the Council and residents of the City and to report its findings and make appropriate recommendations to residents of the City and Council at the regularly scheduled meetings of the Board. The Board shall seek, as its general goals, to create and foster a positive, responsible, cooperative and continuous effort between industry and residents of the City, to educate the Council and residents of the City on important environmental issues and to establish and make appropriate recommendations to Council for enforcement of land, air and water pollution control programs. The Board shall also investigate every reasonable means available to it to inform and educate its members relative to the problems and possible solutions of land, water and air pollution and control in small communities of similar size to the City. The Board shall meet on a quarterly basis or as requested by its Chairperson. Minutes of Board meetings shall be forwarded to the Mayor and members of Council.


The City of Avon Lake and Avon Lake Regional Water (ALRW) work extremely hard to provide our community safe and clean water but understanding exactly the what and whys of science can be confusing. This ALRW Report can sort out some of your questions. If you have additional questions email Sam Naumann, sam.naumann@hyland.com.

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