Commercial FAQ's

Where do I get a Commercial Zoning Occupancy Permit application?

That will tell us what type of business you are and where you are looking to operate To ensure the space is zoned correctly for your business.

These applications are available from the Zoning Administrator or with this link, Commercial Zoning Occupancy Permit – PDF

When will I receive a zoning occupancy permit?

A zoning occupancy permit will be issued upon receipt and review of a completed application and when all requirements of the Zoning Code are met.

What is required if I am planning on occupying an existing tenant space or building?

A re-occupancy of an existing structure with a permitted use, when there is no change in (1) the bulk of the structure or (2) in an approved site plan and (3) there is no change in the parking requirements, is exempt from site plan review procedures. A zoning occupancy permit shall be issued by the Zoning Administrator upon receipt of a completed application.

A re-occupancy of a permitted use in an existing structure when there is a change in the parking requirements based on code requirements in Chapter 1264, a site plan review by Planning Commission is required. When there is an approved site plan or some other positive action taken by the Planning Commission, the Zoning Administrator shall then issue a zoning occupancy permit.

What is required if I am constructing a new building on a site?

A Zoning Permit and Zoning Occupancy Permit are required, with the first step a plan review by Planning Commission prior to issuance. A full site plan review per Code Section 1214.06 will be done.

Once the Zoning Permit and Zoning Occupancy Permit are written, the plans are then submitted to the building department for construction review and the Building Permit.