Building Zoning Permit Applications

Are you wondering if you need a building permit for your project?

The PDF lists many examples of projects that require a permit. We suggest you use this list as a guide. If your project is not listed, call the Building Department at 440-930-4102 before you proceed with the work.

Permit Requirements
Permit Requirements – PDF

Ready to apply for a building permit? Use the forms below.

Residential Building Zoning Permit Application
Residential Building Zoning Permit Application – PDF
This is a Building Permit Application for Residential projects. Submission Requirements: Plans and drawings sufficient to show compliance to Building and Zoning Codes shall accompany this application. Two (2) sets of plans required, and shall include; without limitation: 1. Plot plan showing lot with dimensions, all buildings and proposed buildings with setback dimensions. 2. Drawings or plan showing length, width and height of proposed construction. 3. Floor plans, cross sections, structural details and elevations necessary to describe the construction. 4. Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC plans as necessary to describe work being done. 5. Topographical plans as required for Grading Permit.

Commercial Building Zoning Permit Application
Commercial/Industrial Building Zoning Permit Application – PDF
This is a Building Permit Application for Commercial projects which must be completed in full and submitted with four sets of plans and plot plan. All work must comply with OBC. The application includes zoning, building, sign, electrical, HVAC/ventilation, plumbing, demolition and plan review.

Permit Fees
Permit Fees – PDF
Here is a list of the various permits and their fees.


The Avon Lake Zoning Administrator issues a Zoning Permit when an application complies with all the requirements and standards of the Zoning Code. When an application is complete, the Zoning Permit can usually be issued within a few days. That permit and all paperwork is then returned or forwarded to the Building Department for their issuance of a Building Permit. If you submit your request to the Building Department first, they will forward the information to Zoning for review and issuance of a Zoning Permit, when required.

To expedite applications, the same application form is used by the Zoning Department and the Building Department. Many projects will require both a Zoning Permit and a Building Permit.

Zoning Permits must be issued prior to any Building Permits for all construction and occupancy in the City. In all zoning districts, no building or other structure shall be erected, constructed, reconstructed, enlarged, moved or structurally altered, nor shall any excavation or site improvements be commenced, until a Zoning Permit has been applied for and received by the owner of the property (or a person acting under written authority of the owner).

Zoning Permits are required for new construction, additions, fences, decks, patios (includes paver patios), pools, sheds, hot tubs, etc.