About the Avon Lake Planning Department

Under the direction of the Public Works Department, the Planning Department processes all development applications. We ensure that all development codes are enforced and city regulations are met. We also help applicants with the process, so they present their application to the Planning Commission smoothly and efficiently.

Submitting your Plan to the Planning Commission

The City of Avon Lake Planning Commission meets on the first Tuesday of every month. Applicants wishing to be placed on the agenda for Planning Commission must meet all of the Submission Requirements of Planning and read all the rules and regulations in the Code.

To submit your plan to the Planning Commission for review:

1) Fill out the Planning Commission Application form and submit with the items listed on the Site Plan Submission Requirements document.

2) Review the Rules and Regulations for Planning Commission  

3) Fill out the Preliminary Review Application if you need to receive comments from any department heads prior to going to the Planning Commission for a vote 

For each step in this process work with Coleen Spring in the Planning Department.

Learn more about the Planning Commission.