Planning Department

About the Avon Lake Planning Department

Under the direction of the Community Development Department, the Planning Department processes all development applications to ensure that all development codes are enforced, and city regulations are met. We also help applicants with the process, so they present their application to the Planning Commission smoothly and efficiently.

Planning Commission

The Avon Lake Planning Commission advises City Council on issues and policies related to city planning, land use regulations, building and housing codes, and community development. The commission promotes the goals and interests of the community in the planning of development projects. These regulations help uphold safety standards, ensure environmental sustainability, foster orderly growth, and safeguard the community's overall well-being. 

Planning Commission Members

  • Robert Haas
  • Jeffrey Leitch
  • Holly Ma, Chair
  • Scott Orille
  • Christine Raymond, Pro-Tem
  • Jennifer Fenderbosch, Council Representative
  • Mark Spaetzel, Mayor

Meeting Times and Locations

The Planning Commission meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, 150 Avon Belden Road.

Exceptions to this schedule include any week a holiday falls on the first Monday of the month, then Planning Commission will meet on the first Wednesday of that month. 

Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Meeting agendas and minutes can be accessed HERE

Planning Commission Applications

A prerequisite to completing a planning commission application is meeting with the Development Review Committee (DRC). The DRC consists of representatives from the Building, Police, Community Development, Fire, and Public Works Departments, as well as Avon Lake Regional Water and the Mayor. DRC meets every Monday morning at 10:30 a.m.

To be placed on the DRC agenda, contact the Planning Department at 440-930-4110.

The purpose of the DRC meeting is to discuss the proposed application or project, review submittal requirements, and discuss compliance with the provisions of the Planning and Zoning Codes and the Comprehensive Land Use Plan prior to the submission of an application. Please be prepared to present an overview of your project and if needed ask specific questions about requirements that are related to your project. To prepare for this meeting, please read all the rules and regulations in Chapter 1214: Review Procedures.

After meeting with DRC, you can submit your Planning Commission application. The application deadline is the first Tuesday of each month. You can begin the application process HERE.

Once the application has been submitted, it will be reviewed for completeness. Once complete, you will receive an email confirmation and a request to submit the application payment.

Once payment is received, your application is sent electronically to members of DRC. DRC has 10 working days to complete their review. During the 10-day window, you will receive emails from DRC members as they complete their review that may require responses. If responses are required, and plans must be updated, another 10 working day review period begins. Once approved by all DRC members your application will be scheduled for the next Planning Commission meeting.

Please review the Rules and Regulations for Planning Commission.

For each step in this process, you may seek assistance from Kelly La Rosa, Planning and Zoning Manager in the Community Development Department. You can reach Kelly by email or by phone 440-930-4110.