Marketing Support Services

The City of Avon Lake is able to help businesses create digital video marketing, which makes it easier for our business community to advertise on Facebook, YouTube and other digital platforms.

Broadcast on Avon Lake Community TV

Looking for more connection to your audience? Produce your own informational television show with the help from Avon Lake's Digital Media Department! Video gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers by allowing them to get to know you, and feel comfortable with you. Studies show that over 80% of people say they are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. Avon Lake Community Television offers a full-service video production facility that includes three sets, Final Cut X and Adobe Premiere Pro editing suites – all available at no cost.

Web & Mobile Video Marketing Opportunities

Local businesses help to diversify and provide specialty services to the residents of The City of Avon Lake. It is the goal of Avon Lake's Digital Media department to assist these businesses in creating digital video marketing that will make it easier for them to serve our residents, other businesses and visitors. As digital video consumption grows with almost two-thirds of adults watching videos online and YouTube as the second-largest search engine, Avon Lake Community Television can get your service message out there in a fun and shareable way.

For more information, contact the Communications & Technology Director, Barb Cagley by email or 440-933-7677.