Electronic Sign Posting

The City of Avon Lake allows community messages to be displayed on the electronic sign located on the grounds of City Hall with the following restrictions:

  1. Messages must be considered to have city-wide appeal, and for the most part, pertain to activities open to the general public
  2. The following types of messages are prohibited:
    • Commercial advertising promoting the sale of products or services
    • Announcements promoting games of chance (i.e. bingo, raffles, etc.)
    • Political statements or campaign messages
    • Announcements promoting any religion or form of worship, religious opinion, or religious services
    • Messages the administration of the City of Avon Lake deem inappropriate
    • The same or similar community message may not be repeated within any three month period
  3. Messages may be displayed a maximum of 14 days
  4. Avon Lake events only

Please submit all requests a minimum of 14 days prior to the start date. All fields are REQUIRED.