Questions about Avon Lake Zoning?

The Community Development Department is responsible for the Economic Development, Planning, and Zoning functions of the city. Zoning sets the standards for how buildings and land can be used within our city, including how and where various types of buildings can be built, and how land can be developed and subdivided. The department’s general duties include:

  • Performing zoning plan review of all building projects.
  • Coordinating Zoning Board of Appeals cases.
  • Inspecting buildings and uses of land to determine compliance with the Planning & Zoning Code
  • Initiating administrative or legal action to address violations.
  • Initiating and administrating changes to the Planning & Zoning Code.

Our Guideline: The Planning & Zoning Code

The Code regulates the type of activity that may occur within specific geographic areas of the city.

The Code specifically spells out how the Department should regulate the use, location, and height of structures as well as the number of structures per amount of land within a specified zone or area. Its purpose is to protect property values and preserve the desired character of our community while providing for orderly growth and uniform development.



Avon Lake Zoning Code (part 12 of code)