The Communications & Technology department offers a variety of services to our residents, organizations and businesses. They include:

Video Transfers

We digitize and transfer old media formats: Hi 8mm video, VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, Mini DV, DVD and burn them onto a DVD or thumb drive (drive not included in the cost). $10 for first copy - $5 additional copies - $3 shipping.

Copies of Old Shows

Did you know ALC-TV has been on the air for over 30 years? We have a selective archive of footage available to the public for a nominal charge: $10 for first copy - $5 additional copies - $3 shipping

Video Equipment Loans & Studio Time

Select equipment, studio sets and video editing stations available for use by Avon Lake residents (18 years and older) and businesses. For those under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian can take responsibility. The public is encouraged to take advantage of these offerings to produce a show that can be broadcast on the Avon Lake Public Channel. This equipment is not intended to be used to produce materials for sale or profit. A sampling of the equipment available includes:
▪ Prosumer level video cameras, tripods and various microphones
▪ Mac editor station running Final Cut X and Adobe Premier Pro
▪ Two in-studio sets available to the public (ALC-TV staff will switch and run the cameras during in-studio shoots)

Marketing Promotions

We assist Avon Lake businesses, organization and residents in promoting events or messages using the appropriate communication channel options:
Bulletin board posts on ALC-TV
▪ Create short videos (about one minute or less) to air on social media
Social media posts (City of Avon Lake Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts)
▪ Website announcements and/or calendar
▪ Email blasts
▪ Pole banners
City Hall electronic message sign
▪ Podcast
▪ Newsletter

To take advantage of any of these services contact or call 440-933-7677.