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Spectrum: 1025 – Breezeline: 21 – Breezeline Stream: 2001
Spectrum: 1024 – Breezeline: 22 – Breezeline Stream: 2002
Host Rudy Breglia interviews Renee Jones, President and CEO of the nonprofit Renee Jones Empowerment Center.
Host Rudy Breglia visits Susan's Sugar & Spice Bakery and speaks with owner Susan Zeyer.
Host KC Zuber speaks with Jim Miller, the Director of the Lorain County Port Authority.
Host Rudy Breglia goes on location to visit with Deborah Wagner, the curator of the 103rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry museum in Sheffield Lake.
This program contains Adult Content, with in-depth discussion of abortion. Viewer discretion is advised.

Host Rudy Breglia meets with Judy Kaminski and discusses her Citizen of the Year Award and her work with the Peter Miller House & Museum and pro-life organizations.

Host Rudy Breglia sits down with Lorain County Coroner Dr Frank P Miller.
Host Rudy Breglia learns about 360 photography and video from Mark Madere of SpectraLight Photography & Design.
Host Rudy Breglia interviews Kim Kuchta and Mike Modzeleski, principals of Holy Trinity School.
Host Rudy Breglia meets with Julie Cooley, the Vice President of Corporate Marketing & Communications at Indiana Mills & Manufacturing Inc. (IMMI), to discuss seatbelts in school buses.
This program contains Adult Content, with discussion of Human Trafficking. Viewer discretion is advised. Host K.C. Zuber meets with Jack Hall, candidate for Lorain County Sheriff.
Host KC Zuber is joined by Lt. Fran Tibbitts of the Avon Lake Police Department to discuss the new distracted driving law that be going into effect on April 4th.
Host Rudy Breglia meets with guest Franco Gallo, the superintendent of the Educational Service Center of Lorain County.
Host Rudy Breglia meets with St. Joseph Parish's Father Ron Wearsch, who talks about their upcoming Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit.
Host Rudy Breglia meets with Mark Spaetzel, current Ward 3 councilman and candidate for Avon Lake Mayor.
Host KC Zuber meets with Michael Albertson, the Sr. Vice President of WaterFurnace to discuss geothermal energy and how it can be used in a variety of locations.