Avon Lake Community Television

Avon Lake Community Television (ALC-TV) is a Department of the City of Avon Lake. ALC-TV is comprised of two channels: government access and public access. Funding for ALC-TV comes from the franchise fee paid by cable subscribers living in Avon Lake. ALC-TV is broadcast to all homes in Avon Lake having cable.

Government Access Channel

ALC-TV Government Access Channel provides a means of communicating government activities, issues, legislation, events, and meetings. Through taped and live productions and a computerized bulletin board, the staffed station works to keep the citizens of Avon Lake aware, informed, and active in local, regional, and national levels of government. The Government Channel airs programming and announcements pertaining strictly to government-related material four times per day, including:

Public Access Channel

ALC-TV Public Access Channel provides an “open forum” television format for all citizens, groups, organizations, clubs and enterprises of Avon Lake to produce non-commercial, informational programming. ALC-TV staff provides training to city residents and business owners in the handling and operation of cameras and editing equipment. The computerized bulletin board serves as an information source to Avon Lake by airing non-profit community announcements and messages.

The Public Channel airs programs produced by residents, businesses or groups of Avon Lake. These shows can air up to three times daily for up to one week. These include:


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Avon Lake City Council Meetings are televised live Monday’s at 7:30 PM and rebroadcast at 1:00 AM/PM & 7:00 AM/PM on Government Channel WOW: 21 & Spectrum: 1025

Access Avon Lake City Council meetings online.


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