Tim Daley of the Cuyahoga County Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument gives a presentation of the Northern Ohio Sanitary Fair of 1864.
R. C. Durkee, author of the historical novel "Rum Run", gave a presentation on April 8, 2019 in the Waughaman Gallery to Heritage Avon Lake about the Prohibition era and Lake Erie bootlegging.
Janet Bird of the Lorain County Historical Society presents "Rosie the Riveter" about women in the workforce during World War II.
Meet some of the ghostly residents of Avon Lake's past during the 2018 Virtual Cemetery Tour presented by Heritage Avon Lake.
Medical Lecturer Tom Strong discusses the history of medicine at the October 8th meeting of Heritage Avon Lake.
Cleveland's Storyteller Dan Ruminski discusses the famous (and infamous) women of Cleveland's legendary Millionaire's Row.
Avon Lake High School graduate Austin Spenzer discusses his time serving with the Peace Corps in the country of Georgia.
Mary Milne discusses Epitaphs and Icons that can be found on cemetery headstones.
Sherry Spenzer discusses the history of the Avon Lake Cemetery.
Sean Crum gives a presentation to Heritage Avon Lake about the history of art forgeries and famous art thefts.
Alice Wills performs at First Lady Lucy Hayes at the Heritage Avon Lake meeting from January 8, 2018.
Heritage Avon Lake celebrates the holiday season with a special performance by the Avon Lake Women's Chorus.
Mike and Georgann Wachter, share their stories and knowledge of the many shipwrecks that occurred in Lake Erie.
Dennis Lamont and Tom Patton share stories about early Avon Lake and the Lake Shore Electric Railway.
Janet Bird of the Lorain County Historical Society gives a presentation on the stories about the use of quilts and songs during the time of the Underground Railroad.