Charah Solutions Aquires Avon Lake Generating Station from GenOn

This acquisition is for sustainable environmental remediation and redevelopment of the property, which will include Environmental Risk Transfer (ERT) services to demolish the existing power plant, remediate the site, and redevelop the property in a sustainable manner. The transaction was signed in May 2021, and the full transfer will take place in early April 2022 after the plant ceases generation operation. As part of this agreement, Charah Solutions, Inc.'s subsidiary, Avon Lake Environmental Redevelopment Group, LLC (ALERG"), will acquire the 40-acre area located on Lake Erie as well as the interconnection agreement. Working with the City of Avon Lake, ALERG will position the property to expand economic activity and benefit the surrounding communities through job creation and enable this site to provide the best potential use for the community and City of Avon Lake moving forward. For more details, please see the press release by clicking HERE.

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Laboratory Chief Analyst in Avon Lake Regional Water

A civil service exam will be conducted on Tuesday, August 3, 2021 at 6 p.m. for the position of Laboratory Chief Analyst.   To obtain more details and an application, please click [HERE].



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Road Work Updates

The City of Avon Lake has started its 2021 Street Program projects. Updates will be posted here, as work progresses throughout the city.

Concrete Streets: July 13, 2021 Update:
- Work on the second side of Greenbriar Dr has begun with old concrete removal taking place this week. New concrete is expected to be poured early next week.
- Concrete has been poured on Timberlane. Curing is in process.
- Final sealing and restoration of tree lawns, driveways, etc. will begin when all paving is finished, and is expected to begin late next week.
- Once concrete is poured, it takes 7 to 14 days for it to cure. Closed road sections will open after it is cured.
- One lane will remain open in work areas on streets. Cul-de-sacs will be closed.

Asphalt Streets: July 13, 2021 Update:
- The final layer Belle Rd & Groveland Dr has been paved.
- On other streets, adjustments continue to be made to manholes and other infrastructure in the streets. Final layer of pavement will follow, once infrastructure work is complete.
- Restoration of tree lawns, driveways, etc. will begin was all paving is finished.
- Paving cannot take place in the rain.
- Roads will remain passable in work areas, and driveways will be accessible.



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