Leaf Pick Up Schedule

Check here for the daily leaf pickup route. *Weather permitting 

12/9: Electric Blvd., Woodfield Dr., Dakota Run, Vantanas Cir., Stoney Brook Dr., Britannia Pkwy., Avon Point N. of Walker.

12/8: Jaycox Rd., Lear Rd., Williamsburg Dr., Fredericksburg Dr., Jamestown Pkwy., Westwinds N. of Tradewinds Dr.

12/7: East mains, Westwinds to Woodlands North, 45s to Beck Rd. South, Westwinds to Stoneybrook South.

12/6: Heading east on Walker Rd., Westwinds (two trucks working north and south of Tradewinds), South  Pointe into 45s, Lake Road, east of Avon Belden

12/3: Lake Road moving toward Miller Road, Moore Road; Chelsea, Chatham, Charleston, and Canturbury moving toward Duff, Ashwood, and Belmar; James Circle moving west; Redwood moving toward Walker and Webber; Timberland moving west. Crews will be working this weekend to keep up with the demands. If you have leaf piles out, please be patient as our crews will be coming back around.

12/2: Lake Road, west of Avon Belden, and all streets south of Walker Road, east of Avon Belden and west of Lear for the remainder of today, all day tomorrow, and will finish on Friday. The leaf pick up will continue until we are down to one truck.

12/1: Hermann, pushing East, Cherry, pushing West, Woodstock, pushing North, Surrey, pushing South, Harvey, North of Electric, pushing West

11/29: Hunter's Ridge, Landings, Dakotas, Ventanas, Britannia Pkwy North, Carriage Ln., Orchard Park to Harvey Parkway West, Redwood Blvd. off of Jaycox, Beachdale East.

11/27-11/28: Main and side streets, East of Rte. 83.

11/26: OFF day after Thanksgiving

11/25: OFF for Thanksgiving Day

11/24: Main and side streets, East of Rte. 83.

11/23: Main streets East of Rte. 83, Westwinds North and South of Tradewinds, the 45s.

11/22: Canterbury Rd., Duff Dr., Ashwood Dr., Moorewood S. of Redwood Blvd., Vinewood Dr., Crestwood Dr. S. of Redwood Blvd., Curtis Dr., Artsdale Dr., Belmar Blvd.

11/20: West of Rte 83.; Lake Rd., Redwood Blvd., James Cir., Timber Ln.

11/15-11/19: Side and main streets, East of Rte 83.

11/11-11/12: Side and main streets, West of Rte 83.

11/8-11/10: East of Rte 83, main streets.

11/4-11/5: Side and main streets, West of Rte 83.

11/1-11/3: East side of Rte 83.

Please refrain from putting leaves in islands at cul-de-sacs, it is very difficult for our large trucks to maneuver around the area - thank you for understanding!