Chipper Truck Schedule

Check here for the daily (weather permitting) chipper pickup routes/areas. Generally, the chipper truck can get through the entire city in one week. 

6/24 - Finishing East side, begin main streets West of Rte. 83.

6/23 - Side streets East of Rte. 83

6/22 - East and West sides of Rte. 83

6/21 - Side streets West of Rte. 83

6/17 - Finish East sides, S. of Walker Rd.

6/16 - East of Rte. 83 main streets, East sides N. of Walker Rd.

6/15 - East of Rte. 83 main streets, West side streets

6/14 - Main/side streets West of Rte. 83.

Please refrain from putting branches and brush in islands at cul-de-sacs, it is very difficult for our large trucks to maneuver around the area - thank you for understanding!

For more information about branch pick-up, visit: