Leaf Pick-Up

Leaf Pickup

Check here for the daily leaf pickup route. 


12/1 - Redwood Blvd., Walker Rd., Webber Rd., Pin Oak Pkwy., June St., Burton St., Fairfield Rd., Vinewood Dr., Durrell Ave., Moorewood Ave.

11/30 - Lake Rd., Miller Rd., Moore Rd., Electric Blvd., Redwood Blvd., Walker Rd., Webber Rd., Pin Oak Pkwy., Bellaire Rd., Inwood Blvd. working West.

11/29 - Lake Rd., Miller Rd., Moore Rd., finish Bridgeside Dr., Redwood Blvd., Walker Rd., Webber Rd., Pin Oak Pkwy., James Cir., Glenview Dr., Parkview Dr.,Timber Ln.

11/28 - Herrmann Dr., Pinehurst Dr., Wedgewood Dr., Brennans Ct., Bridgeside Dr., Country Club., Marbrook Ln.

11/27 - Surrey Ln., Beachdale Dr., Parsons Dr., Jamestown Pkwy., Fredericksburg Dr., Orchard Park., Birchwood Ln., Stoney Brook Dr.

11/26 - Finish Lake Rd., Hrvey Pkwy., Britannia Estates moving North, Redwood Blvd. to Surrey Ln.

11/25 - Day after Thanksgiving - Holiday

11/24 - Thanksgiving Day - Holiday

11/23 - Belle Rd., Greenwood Dr., Surrey Ln., Carriage Ln., Harvey Pkwy., Hickory Ln., Cottonwood Ct., Britannia Estates, Dakota Run.,  Woodfield Dr.

11/22 - Lake Rd., the Landings to Belle Rd., South Point Dr., 45s, Beck Rd., Jamestown Pkwy., Fredericksburg Dr., Ventanas Cir.

11/21 - Hunter's Ridge, Belle Rd., Lear Rd. to Lake Rd., finish Tradewinds, Oakwood Dr., finish Bayview Dr., Norman Ave., Grove St., Tomahawk Dr., South Point Dr. working West.

11/20 - East mains; Walker Rd. to Hunter's Ridge, Lear Rd. South of Creekside Dr. Tradewinds Dr., Bounty Way, Westwind Dr., finish Bayview Dr., Long Pointe.

11/19 - East mains; Rte 83, Walker Rd. to Hunter's Ridge, Jaycox Rd., Lear Rd., Windward Way, Regatta Dr.,  Bayview Dr.

11/18 - Electric Blvd. to Walker Rd., Lake Rd., Jaycox Rd., Lear Rd.,  Krebs Rd., Seaward Way, Westwind Dr., Long Pointe Dr., Brunswick Dr., Leeward Ct.

11/17 - East mains; Rte 83, Electric Blvd., Walker Rd., Lake Rd., Jaycox, Lear Rd., Krebs Rd, finish Ashwood Dr. to Belmar Blvd., Westwinds; Seaward Way, Westwind Dr., Crestwood Dr., Vinewood Dr. N of Redwood Blvd., Brunswick Dr., Anchor's Way.

11/16 - Webber Rd., side streets South of Walker Rd., Charleston Ave., Chelsea Ave., Chatham Dr., Vinewood South of Redwood Blvd., Canterbury Rd., Berkshire Rd., Fairfield Rd., Crestwood Dr., Richland Ave., Moorewood Ave. moving West.

11/15 - Lake Rd., finish Rte 83, June St., Burton St., finish Redwood Blvd., Walker Rd., Webber Rd., Moorewood Ave. West of Redwood Blvd., finish Durrell Ave. to Crestwood Dr., Berkshire Rd.

11/14 - Lake Rd., Miller Rd., Moore Rd., Walker Rd., Webber Rd., Inwood Blvd., Bellaire Rd., Durrell Ave., Moorewood Ave.

11/13 - Lake Rd., Miller Rd., Moore Rd., Electric Blvd, Redwood Blvd., Walker Rd., Webber Rd., Pin Oak Pkwy., Timber Ln. heading West, Rte 83., Glenview Dr., Inwood Blvd.

11/12 - Teasel Ct. to Electric Blvd.. Lake Rd., Miller Rd., Moore Rd., finish Sawmill Dr., Deerfield Dr., Marbrook Ln.

11/11 - Finish Danbury Ln., Rockwood Ct. to West mains; Lake Rd., Miller Rd., Moore Rd.,Teasel Ct., Electric Blvd., Redwood Blvd., Walker Rd., Pin Oak Pkwy., Timber Ln., Country Club Dr. to Glenview Dr., Parkview Dr., Wedgewood Dr. to James Cir.

11/10 - Belmont Dr., Legacy Pointe Pkwy., Wellesley Cir., Marbrook Ln., Country Club North, Woodstock Dr. East to Pinehurst Dr. East, Parkside Dr. West, Bridgeside Dr. to Rockwood Ct., Treeside Ln. East to Danbury Ln.

11/9 - Carriage Ln North to Beachdale Dr. East, to Legacy, Vineyard Rd. West, Marbrook South area, Orchard Park Dr., Evergreen Ct., Birchwood to Country Club North,  Herrmann Dr. East, to Drummond West to Pinehurst Dr. East, Greenbriar Dr. North to Brennans Ct., Bridgeside West, Stoney Brook South to Treeside East.

11/8 - Surrey Ln., Carriage Ln. North to Beachdale Dr. East, Cherry Ln. working West, Orchard Pk. North, Dakota Run, Cheyenne Falls to Forest Hill East, Nottingham Dr. working North, Woodfield Dr., Briargate Ct. to Stoney Brook Dr. South.

11/7 - Surrey Ln., Carriage Ln., to Beachdale East, Yoder Blvd., Parsons Dr. West, Dakota Run, Vantanas Cir., Cheyenne Falls, Britannia Pkwy. North off of Walker Rd.,  Orchard Park North, finish Jamestown Pkwy. to Woodfield Dr., Hawthorne Ct. South to Dakota Run.

11/6 - Finish the Landings, to Belle North, Lake Rd. East to Harvey Pkwy West, finish Woodlands, Dakotas, Williamsburg North, Beck Rd. South, Vinewood Dr., Redwood Blvd.

11/5 - The Landings to Belle Rd., Newbury, Lake Rd. West, Westwinds, Electric Blvd.

11/4 - East sides streets; Hunter's Ridge to the Landings, Lake Rd., Harvey Pkwy West, Westwinds, 45s, Vanda East to Beck South.

11/3 - East mains to Hunter's Ridge, the Landings,  Lear Rd., Lake Rd. to Harvey Pkwy., 45s to Beck South, Westwinds S of Tradewinds to Woodlands North, Westwinds N of Tradewinds to Britannia Pkwy. North.

11/2 - East mains, Walker Rd. to Rte. 83 to Hunter's Ridge, the Landings North, Lake Rd., Jaycox Rd., Lear Rd., Harvey Pkwy., Westwinds N of Tradewinds to Britannia.

11/1 - East mains (Rte. 83, Electric Blvd., Walker Rd.), Hunter's Ridge, the Landings, Lake Rd., Jaycox Rd., Harvey Pkwy., Parkwood, Beck, Westwinds South of Tradewinds, Beechwood

10/31 - North of Redwood Blvd., Berkshire West to the Westwinds, North of Tradewinds, Curtis West to the Westwinds, South of Tradewinds, side streets South of Walker Rd., to East main streets (Lake Rd., Jaycox Rd., Lear Rd.)

10/28 - Carriage Ln. South, mains West of Rte 83, James Cir. West, North of Redwood Blvd., Durrell Ave. West, South of Redwood Blvd., Belle Rd. North, mains West of Rte. 83 and Electric Blvd., Crestwood Dr., Duff Dr., Ashwood Dr. to East mains (Rte. 83 & Electric Blvd.)

10/27 - Sunset, Vineyard moving West, Lake Rd, Miller Rd, Moore Rd, Marbrook, Timber Lane South of Redwood heading West.  Teasel Ct, Pinehurst Dr., Wedgewood Dr., James Cir.

10/26 - The Landings North to Beachdale East, moving to main streets West of Rte 83, Parson's Dr heading West, Woodfield to Bethany Ct., Legacy heading East, Bridgeside heading West, James Cir., Timber Ln.

10/25 - 45s, Beck Rd. heading South, The Woodlands heading North, Green Pointe, Parson's Dr., Yoder Blvd. heading West, Britannia, Hunter's Ridge, The Landings, Belle Rd., Carriage Ln., Beachdale Dr.

10/24 - East mains; Hunter's Ridge, The Landings, Westwinds, the 45s, Britannia, Green Pointe

To take advantage of this service:

  • Leaves should be placed on the tree lawn area, not in the street or sidewalks.
  • Keep catch basins clear of debris to reduce flooding during heavy rains.
  • Please do not park vehicles in front of leaf piles.
  • Leaf piles should only contain leaves. Leaves and branches should be separated, branches will damage the leaf pickup equipment.
  • Branch pickup is not a regular service during leaf and snow seasons because the equipment shares the same trucks as the branch chipper. Kimble will pickup brush and small tree trimmings year round. They must be cut to less than 6 inches in diameter, no more than 4 feet in length, bundled and securely tied, and less than 50 pounds. Smaller branches can be put in personal containers that are 33 gallons or less. The bundled brush and branches or containers can then be placed at the curb with refuse carts.
  • Please refrain from putting leaves in islands of cul-de-sacs as it is very difficult for our large trucks to maneuver around the area.
  • City crews follow a route through the city, there is no specific day for pick up.
  • Once the leaf truck has been by your house, our trucks cannot turn back around, our crews must continue on their routes to ensure timely pickup for all. The crew will be back around once they have been through the entire city.
  • Kimble will ALSO be picking leaves up simultaneously:  
    • March through December, leaves can be put in paper refuse bags or personal containers that are 33 gallons or less.
    • Personal containers should be labeled "yard waste" and placed at curbside on the regularly scheduled day for garbage pickup by Kimble Recycling & Disposal, Inc.

Protect Our Lake

According to Ohio Department of Natural Resources, fallen leaves provide excellent habitat for wildlife, but they can also be a significant source of phosphorus in urban stormwater. When large piles of raked leaves are too close to streets, the excess nutrients play a part in fueling the algal blooms in Lake Erie. Help us keep algal blooms out of Lake Erie by keeping leaf piles away from storm drains. You can also mulch your leaves to add a boost of nutrients to your lawn, use the leaves to jumpstart a compost pile for your garden in spring or just “leaf” them be as habitat!