Kimble Contract Approved by City Council

Avon Lake’s 5-year contract for waste, recycling and yard waste pickup expires on April 1, 2024. After listening to the community and evaluating different options, we created criteria for bid specifications for a new contract. Two companies bid and we accepted the lowest and best bid. At the January 22 meeting, Council voted to award the contract for residential solid waste, recyclable materials, and yard waste to Kimble Recycling & Disposal, Inc. of Dover, Ohio.

The five-year, fixed rate contract commences April 1st with containers delivered prior to the end of March in 96-gal, 64-gal, or 32-gal sizes.
There are 2 options for residents to choose between for yard waste collection:
    •    Continue placing yard waste in paper bags and/or resident’s own container marked “Yard Waste”.
    •    Accept a Kimble 96-gal Yard Waste container (holds 4-5 paper bags) and also place paper bags and resident’s own containers marked “Yard Waste” beside the Kimble Yard Waste container for a $.78 discount per quarter.

Bulk Waste Pick Up is still once a month at no additional charge on the collection date the resident selects.  If there is a need for additional Bulk Waste pick-up, there is a chart with charges per item. All freon needs removed from refrigerators.

The City has maintained the 6 times when temporary trash and recycling containers can be placed in the City parks for events. In addition, trash and recycling containers will be placed throughout the City for the 2024 Eclipse Event.
Between now and April 1st, you will receive information from Kimble on the current services and pricing.

We will have all the container options available beginning in March at our service garage if residents want to see the available options.

Watch the City Council meeting to hear details of the contract.


Bid Rates