Signup for COVID-19 Vaccine Notifications

Lorain County Public Health is coordinating COVID-19 vaccine clinics for people who qualify to get vaccinated in Phase 1a or Phase 1b; who work or live in Lorain County.

  • At this time, they do not have exact dates and timeframes because it all hinges on when and how much vaccine is received from the state. Clinics for Phase 1a workers will likely be on a Wednesday in January or February. Clinics for Phase 1b people will likely begin in February.
  • When the vaccine is available for Phase 1b and additional phases, vaccine clinics will be announced widely through local news sources, such as radio stations, newspapers, and community leaders. It will also be announced on their website, social media, and via email.

To sign up to receive notifications, please click on this link: and complete the form.