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Survivor Tree Seedling at Avon Lake's Miller Road Park

04/11/2023 – Avon Lake, Ohio – Earlier this month, three Commissioners from the Avon Lake Citizens Tree
Commission attended the 2023 North Coast Urban Forestry Conference. The Keynote speaker was
Mark Bays with the Oklahoma Forestry Service. He shared the story of the Survivor Tree that was 15’
from the Federal Building that in 1995 a 5000lb truck bomb shattered reducing 1/3 of it to rubble,
including a day care. 168 souls were lost with hundreds injured in this senseless act. This charred,
broken, native tree survived. The tree has come to represent hope and healing as today it stands

Seedlings from the Survivor Tree are planted all over the United States. The Citizens Tree Commission
had an opportunity to acquire a Survivor Tree Seedling. It was planted in Miller Road Park just east of
the Wildflower Garden where it can grow to a height of 60’ – 80’ with a spread of 40’ – 50’. It is
important to bring people's attention to the tree so if they see this little cage around a seedling, they
know that it is so much more.

Councilwoman Jennifer Fenderbosch highlights the importance of this seedling. "As this little seedling
from the Oklahoma Survivor Tree puts down its roots, it inspires us to never give up. It is a symbol of
healing, resilience, and the spirit to withstand all and survive."

The Survivor tree is an American Elm, Ulmus americana. The inscription by the tree reads, “The heart of
this city and nation is rooted in strength, hope, and the resiliency of the American spirit.”

Survivor Tree Seedling Press Release
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