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Ribbon Cutting at Thomas & Thomas Westshore Studio (173 Lear Rd.) on Thursday, May 30, at 4pm

05/23/2019 – On Thursday, May 30, at 4pm, there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at Thomas & Thomas Westshore Studio at 173 Lear Road in Avon Lake.

Thomas & Thomas is a photography company that has been established for over thirty years. The biggest portion of its business is photographing graduating high school seniors. Sarah Edelman and Amy Nahra purchased the studio in 2009, and moved it to Avon Lake from Bay Village in late 2017. The City of Avon Lake is having a ribbon cutting event for Thomas & Thomas at this point because it has just recently completed the renovation of its new facility on Lear Road.

Sarah Edelman says that she and partner Amy Nahra originally set out to find a studio north of Detroit Rd. between Avon Lake and Rocky River, which didn’t give them a lot of spaces to choose from. They had originally passed on the Lead Rd. property, but when they revisited with fresh eyes, they saw potential that they hadn’t seen before. “We made plans to put a big addition for the photography studio,” says Edelman, “the older part is now our sales room and offices.” All in all, Edelman and Nahra took an existing 1500 square foot building and doubled it in size, adding a two story all natural light studio, with a south wall that has 16 windows covering floor to ceiling. “We really made it beautiful and functional for us in every corner,” says Edelman.

“Leaving an established business in Bay Village was hard,” says Edelman, “but we are so excited to be in Avon Lake and growing here!” And Avon Lake is excited to have them. The new Thomas & Thomas facility joins the neighborhood at the northern end of Lear Rd., the walkable area that is home to small businesses that are popular with Avon Lake residents. “Thomas & Thomas has made this charming, historic neighborhood part of their photography business,” says Ted Esborn, Economic Development Director for the City of Avon Lake. “Their facility is also a significant new investment in Avon Lake and in this area of town specifically. They have created a space that we are proud of, and we look forward to working with them as they build their Avon Lake business.”

Thomas & Thomas Westshore Studio Ribbon Cutting
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