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Avon Lake’s Community Improvement Corporation pledges financial support to local restaurants and bars

03/15/2020 – On Sunday, March 15, Avon Lake’s Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) announced through its president, Janice Lapina, that their organization is committed to supporting local Avon Lake restaurants and bars ordered to close by the State of Ohio due to Coronavirus outbreak. The CIC makes their announcement the same day as the order in hopes that restaurants and bars in Avon Lake will take some degree of hope that there is support from their community.
The members of the Avon Lake CIC are Janice Lapina, Joe Carson, Ross Vincent, Erin Rudy, and Steve Luca The Avon Lake CIC, established in 2013, provides funding and advisory services to the citizens and businesses of Avon Lake, Ohio to advance and promote economic growth. The effort announced today, providing financial support to restaurants and bars closed due to Coronavirus, has not yet been finalized into a program. But the CIC sees the importance in announcing their commitment to these businesses now, in a moment when the business owners need reassurance the most. The CIC will be providing updates soon on the process for this program.

News Release: Avon Lake CIC to Aid Local Restaurants and Bars
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