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Avon Lake Grants Almost $87,000 to City Businesses Through its Job Growth Incentive Program

04/16/2020 – On Monday, April 13, Avon Lake City Council approved this year's awards for the City's Job Growth Incentive Program (JGIP). This unique program was created in 2012 and reauthorized in 2017. It is primarily a business retention program but also sometimes acts as a business incentive. Each spring, the City looks at the business income tax (withholding) for every business in Avon Lake. Every business that has a year-over-year increase in income tax receives a grant award fro the City in the amount of 25% of the increase, with a maximum award of $50,000 and a minimum award of $25. Eligible organizations are for-profit entities that have a substantial part of their operation occurring at a commercial property in Avon Lake; home-based businesses do not qualify.

There are no restrictions on how businesses use this money. They can reinvest is in their businesses, or perhaps do something fun for their employees. The City sees it as a simple token of appreciation for what businesses contribute to Avon Lake.

Grant checks are being prepared and will be mailed out to recipient businesses, who should receive them the week of April 20.

NEWS RELEASE: 2020 Jobs Growth Incentive Program
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