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Avon Lake's New Podcast: "Avon Lake Matters"

04/22/2021 – "Avon Lake Matters" is a new biweekly podcast produced by the Avon Lake Digital Media Department. This podcast goes directly to the source to highlight all that is going on in Avon Lake, both in the community and at City Hall. With the popularity of podcasts growing, this medium allows us to explore everything that makes an impact in our community, including Avon Lake businesses, government, community events and the people behind them.

“One opportunity available to us, using the podcast, is as an education tool to keep residents informed on how the government operates. For example, there are committees and commissions whose members include residents that are an integral part of the decisions made by City Council. It is important that residents not only recognize these, but also learn how they function so they can get involved,” states Barb Cagley, Director of Avon Lake's Digital Media Department. “We will also highlight the people who make this City a great place to live and play."

The first interviews include William Rutger, Shea Alltmont, and Gerry Vogel of the Avon Lake Public Library, Avon Lake City Council President Marty O'Donnell, Tony Tomanek and Sherry Spenzer of the Avon Lake Historical Society, and ALC-TV community producer Don O'Malley. The full library of podcast shows can be found at Please subscribe to "Avon Lake Matters" wherever you get your podcasts.

Also included in the show format is an opportunity for residents to ask questions of City officials and get the answers. If you have a question for your City officials or a suggestion for a topic to be featured on this podcast, please contact the Digital Media Department at 440-933-7677 or

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