Larry Meiners speaks with Gary Clawson and Peg Grignon of the Vision Concerns Support Group. They discuss the upcoming 11th Annual Low Vision Awareness Fair, occurring at Independence Village on April 22, from 10AM to 2 PM.
A work session followed by a regular meeting of the Avon Lake City Council.
Jason Harlen Rife, director of Lake View Cemetery Fund, gave a presentation on the Garfield Memorial to the Heritage Avon Lake club during their March 2016 meeting. Following the presentation, there is a brief interview.
Kiwanis meeting held on April 7, 2016
Elena West and Todd Danielson of Avon Lake Regional Water provide a recap of the Board of Municipal Utilities meeting from April 5, 2016.
A meeting of the Avon Lake Board of Municipal Utilities from April 5, 2016.
The meeting held on February 3, 2016, featured speaker Steve Cagen, presenting "A Native Garden: Will it be Beautiful?"
Five 4th grade students earned the opportunity to be a "Cop for a Day". This program highlights the fun and education elements of their visit to the Avon Lake Police Station
Host Hazel Chapman visits with musician Sam Soundful. Following the interview, Sam performs a few songs.
A Collective Committee Meeting of the Avon Lake City Council.
Kiwanis meeting held on March 31, 2016
Gerry Vogel and Jill Rolston of the Avon Lake Public Library preview the Library's upcoming schedule of events for the month of April.
A regular meeting of the Avon Lake City Council.
Jackie-O meets with Bill Neff, Ralph Neff, and Angela Dudziak from Neff Bros RV and discusses their upcoming reality show appearance and the influx of business brought on by the RNC.
The Chorale trip to New York in March 2014.